Golden Week ’15: Phenom Penh

Starting the third leg of our holiday, the end was insight for our more restful island vacay! But first were the sites and sounds of Cambodia’s Capital – Phnom Penh So grabbing a quick breakfast in the hostel, we were picked up by a minibus a little after 0745. It didn’t really look like the… Continue reading Golden Week ’15: Phenom Penh

Golden Week ’15: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, whilst not the capital of Cambodia, is definitely its cultural and spiritual capital centre, thanks to the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Angkor Wat; the biggest religious monument in the world (apparently…) but it definitely is pretty! Taking over the Mad Monkey Arriving at the Mad Monkey, its entrance is down a… Continue reading Golden Week ’15: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Golden Week ’15: From ‘Kok to Khmer

Our visit to Cambodia was all about soaking ourselves in culture, expanding our horizons and experiencing another culture, before heartily eating and relaxing back on Koh Chang island in Thailand – an aim we most definitely accomplished. After only a couple of hours sleep, the group arose, as quiet toddlers, and noisily began packing and… Continue reading Golden Week ’15: From ‘Kok to Khmer