School: Oita Sofukan High School

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Oita Sofukan High School October 2015 – January 2016 Oita Sofukan is a strange school, even by Japanese standards, much more like UK college than anything else here. Classes run for 90 minutes, from around 8am to 8pm and students attend if/when they can/want. There’s no uniform, there’s a canteen, you wear outdoor shoes indoors… Continue reading School: Oita Sofukan High School

豊後大野市: The Bungo-ono Guide

Situated in the southern part of Oita prefecture, in March of 2015 the city celebrated its 10 year anniversary since combining 7 small towns and villages: Mie, Ono, Asaji, Inukai, Ogata, Kiyokawa, and Chitose. While they have combined to form one “city,” they each retain their own identities as towns, including their addresses and tourist… Continue reading 豊後大野市: The Bungo-ono Guide

大分市: The Oita City Guide

Oita City. The name has a certain grandeur to it. But to for all intents and purposes, Oita city is a city by name, and not much else, when compared to its neighbour Fukuoka. But nevertheless, being my home for 18 months, I’ve decided to pull together a Molkie-Specific guide on how to pass your… Continue reading 大分市: The Oita City Guide

Oita Charity Bike Ride: Kitsuki to Aka

©Scott Kawaguchi

So having limited myself to two casual day cycles in about 24 years, I thought Japan would be the best place to tackle a 2-day, 190km round-route, bike race with friends – the 18th Oita Chairty Bike Ride event. Day One: The Beginning of the Beginning So despite the event not beginning until Saturday morning, my… Continue reading Oita Charity Bike Ride: Kitsuki to Aka

Beppu: To Hell(s) and Back

Another Japanese National Holiday – Coming of Age Day – so that can mean only one thing! A chance to travel, and try something new, with my usual partner in crime – Lachalu Buusu! Saturday – In which we Learn the Value of Toes Arriving at Oita station, I greeted Buusu with the sounds of her… Continue reading Beppu: To Hell(s) and Back

4// Mie Machi: My new home 三重町

The view from my house

This is how it starts… Today was going to be my arrival in my new home for the next year, in Mie, Oita Prefecture: I was so not ready! Tackling Tokyo Once again battling jetlag and lack of sleep after an incredible night in Tokyo, I headed down for breakfast. Entering the dining room, there… Continue reading 4// Mie Machi: My new home 三重町