London: Stranger in Familiar Lands

Christmas 2015 saw my first return to the UK since moving to Japan 17 long months ago – so what did we learn about the UK? Well… English Only Please Even at the airport, all signs are in English! It was almost embarrassing! Having spent months reading (I used reading very generously) signs in English,… Continue reading London: Stranger in Familiar Lands

JET: Pre-Departure Orientation

Where it all began - the Japanese Embassy in London

Commuting through London during rush hour to get to the JET Two Day Pre-departure Orientation (a mouthful in itself!) only confirmed further that moving to rural Japan was the right plan of action!  Meeting the UK JETs The Pre-departure Orientation was first time the UK JETs could finally get to meet each other and truly… Continue reading JET: Pre-Departure Orientation