Golden Week’15: Koh Chang

The night bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap was a wonderful affair! The bus did indeed offer fully reclined beds. All seating had been stripped out of the bus, and bunk beds built, in continuous lines from front to back. So whereas I thought I’d been clever to get us the bottom floor, away from… Continue reading Golden Week’15: Koh Chang

Golden Week ’15: From ‘Kok to Khmer

Our visit to Cambodia was all about soaking ourselves in culture, expanding our horizons and experiencing another culture, before heartily eating and relaxing back on Koh Chang island in Thailand – an aim we most definitely accomplished. After only a couple of hours sleep, the group arose, as quiet toddlers, and noisily began packing and… Continue reading Golden Week ’15: From ‘Kok to Khmer

Golden Week ’15: Bangkok, Thailand

Ah, Golden week! The time in the Japanese calendar when no fucks are given, and a ton of national holidays lineup, much like an eclipse, and allow you take a chunk of time off to do all that travelling you thought you’d get to do during the school holidays. Combining them with nenkyu, holiday leave,… Continue reading Golden Week ’15: Bangkok, Thailand