Oita Charity Bike Ride: Kitsuki to Aka

©Scott Kawaguchi

So having limited myself to two casual day cycles in about 24 years, I thought Japan would be the best place to tackle a 2-day, 190km round-route, bike race with friends – the 18th Oita Chairty Bike Ride event. Day One: The Beginning of the Beginning So despite the event not beginning until Saturday morning, my… Continue reading Oita Charity Bike Ride: Kitsuki to Aka

Yufuin: Climbing 由布岳

A brisk Saturday morning, and we headed out from Mie to Yufuin, a mere hour and a half away, to climb the iconic peaks of Yufu-dake (由布岳). Mountain Marauders With the unfortunate miscommunication of the google map pin, with it trying to drive us directly up the snow soaked mountain, we arrived an hour late… Continue reading Yufuin: Climbing 由布岳