ADVENTURE 001 //Edinburgh – The Maiden Voyage

This was it! First step, get Frank the 12 miles home. Journey 2, 1000 round trip to Scotland – the perfect test. With hindsight, errors were made, distances misjudged and timings went out the window. Mistake 1: Setting off at Midday I mean logically, setting off on a Tuesday lunch time should be mean no… Continue reading ADVENTURE 001 //Edinburgh – The Maiden Voyage

Camper Insurance Round 3 – We’re on the Road!

Locked and Loaded! Insurance purchased with Adrian Flux. So it came down to 2 choices in the end, Adian Flux vs. JustKampers, with the options laid out as best I understood, provided for you to read with no guarantees or promises that it’s correct. In addition to myself, my dad, Alan, was also included as… Continue reading Camper Insurance Round 3 – We’re on the Road!

Camper Insurance Round 2 – Callbacks

Following up from my busy Saturday morning, my leading options were: Adrian Flux = £720 JustKampers = £660 (FB Group as members club) After chatting with the Self-Build Camper Group, I still had some companies to ring, and was waiting on some callbacks. TL:DR : I didn’t find any/better quotes and went with Adrian Flux,… Continue reading Camper Insurance Round 2 – Callbacks

Meet Shirley

Let’s take a step in time from WWII to 2016 – quite the leap I know – and some bad news. Over the coming months Shirley puts her affairs in order and come August my dad’s organising the funeral. Clearing up the house, we come across a brand new, never stamped, never used passport, valid… Continue reading Meet Shirley

Meet Frank, the Original

Who the bloody hell is Frank, and why is he in East Africa? He’s my granddad and that’s where he was stationed in WWII. Where he met my St. Helenian grandmother, and, well, long story short, that’s how I got to be here! So you see, travel is in the blood! Of what I do… Continue reading Meet Frank, the Original

Wales: Scaling Snowdon

We’d done Fuji together, and that’s 3000m! Snowdon was more than doable, a mere amble at 1000m – right Rob? Never before, in any of adult life, have a better understood how fucking awesome Easter is. It’s like Christmas for adults; devoid of any expectation and compulsory visits; the promise of good weather and friends… Continue reading Wales: Scaling Snowdon