Author - J.Molkenthin

Gap Year: BBQ Gig & 62%

The BBQ Gig fundraiser went off without too much of a hitch! A few problems resulted in Badman & Jahin unable to attend, but in their place they sent 2/3 of the band Cojack, who were amazing, despite their lack of microphones!

In the coming weeks I hope to have a video montage of the event uploaded, just waiting to after exams!

A week this Monday sees me starting my work experience at one of my old primary schools which is very exciting and I hope to be able to learn a lot and take that experience out to Mauritania.

I’ve started my marathon, though I’m taking it lightly around this exams period by only doing 3x3km runs a week, but hope to up this amount considerable in the coming weeks, as well as get back into training at the gym.

On the money front, my total has now reached 62%, excluding the sponsorship for the half marathon which is at £285 thanks to to the lasted few sponsorships from teachers.

Gap Year: Reaching 52% and Bag Pack Booked

Finally I’ve scored a bag packing event at a Sainsbury! 4th & 5th of July!

Any volunteers please contact me!

I’ve been trying to arrange one of these for the last month and half so am very happy!

Also, I’m now 52% of the way there, which is a real testament to my friends and family who have all been donating & helping out!

This Friday is my BBQ Gig, which is looking to 25-50 people buying tickets, which can only be a good thing! I’ve had many issues with the band, but I can confirm that Badman & Jahin will be playing acoustically!

An update on the website is that I’ve been able to upload photos from my selection course, and I hope to have photos from the BBQ Gig up by the weekend!

Gap Year: Almost 50% there

Thank you very much to Uncle Michael & the Petries for their generous donations to the cause in the last few days!

Thank you to Mr Northcott & the Upper Sixth for their donations at the leavers assembly which tallyed almost £70 in total, so thank you again!

To the teachers that have sponsored me for my 1/2 marathon in September, thank you very much, collecting the money from you will make finishing the run just that lil bit sweeter!

My thanks also go out to all my friends who have bought tickets for my fundraiser BBQ Gig, especially to those who are unable to attend but have bought tickets regardless!

Gap Year: Coffee Morning & School

Next saturday is the coffee morning with all the neighbours which I’m handing out invitations for, so any contributuions of cakes would be much appreciated!

The headmaster has now read my letter, and passed it onto the deputy Mr McGregor who I’ll speak to on Monday!

On the BBQ gig front, I now have 25 yes, 25 maybe, 20ish no’s & 37 awaiting reply.

I’ve also sold 2 tickets for it aswell!

Gap Year: Half Marathon!

I’ve signed up for the Sony Ericsson “Run to the beat” half marathon today.

A brave move some might say, others would say foolish…. Haha

But I’m feeling confident, I’ve got my training back on its way and time on my side!

The run is the 27th September at the O2 area, so it’s gonna be immense!

Can’t wait! On with the training!

On another note, I’m now up to 23 volunteers for bag packing, thanks guys!

Project Trust – I’ve been selected!

So, as of the 20th April 2009, I am now guaranteed a placement abroad with Project Trust

In the email, I’m being offered, in this order of probability;

I’ve been told to work on the principle of going to Mauritania, which means I need to get back up to Coll on the 13th-17th July for the training week, and I’ll get to meet all my partners.

From the sound of it, I’ll be able to get to Mauritania as soon as I get the funds together, seeing as I’m doing training with the 12 month people, which is good, I might get more than 8 months abroad!