This site contains a collection of travel articles penned by designer James Molkenthin as they traverse life, covering their adventures.

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Molkie Design Travels is the blog of Designer James Molkenthin, a British designer of Products, Graphics and Services.

Design is the Passion. Travel the medium. Adventure the goal.

Graduating in July 2014 with a First Class (Hons) degree in Product Design and Technology (BSc) (Loughborough University), Molkie has taken a side step, choosing to explore design through the discovery and exploration of different societies to the one of London in which they grew up.

Through developing cultural sensitivity and accumulating knowledge of the vastness of human ingenuity and innovation around the world, Molkie hopes to detach himself from the glass walls of Western normalcy and question those so deeply ingrained beliefs that limit the vision of a designer.

In achieving these aims, they hope to become a bridge between Westernised companies looking to get into flourishing markets with blossoming middle classes, and in country designers in places such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America; fully acknowledging and pre-empting the enormous shifts in global economic power that will occur across the course of their career.

In their time Molkie has travelled to, lived in and studied in a number of countries from the US, Uganda and Hong Kong, to the Czech Republic, China, Kenya and Australia.

Countries visited so far… 23

Japan – 556 daysKenya – 14 daysS. Korea – 7 days
Uganda – 240 daysPortugal – 14 daysIceland – 5 days
France – 44 daysThailand – 14 daysTaiwan – 5 days
Spain – 40 daysNetherlands – 11 daysHungary – 3 days
Australia – 35 daysHong Kong – 10 daysRwanda – 3 days
USA – 35 daysCzech Republic – 7 daysSingapore – 3 days
China – 25 daysCambodia – 6 days
Germany – 16 daysBelgium – 5 days