WATCH 005 //My Window Faces the Stars

We’re back – cutting a massive hole into Frank’s roof!

I bolted some battens to the ceiling ribs – I want to avoid screwing into metal as much as possible – to give me a place to attach the ceiling panels AND a structure to build in the frame for the window.

After marking the hole for the DOMETIC MINI HEKI STYLE, we had to abandon using a hole saw for perfectly rounded corners – trying to drill onto an uneven roof surface was a nightmare! So I ended up drilling a couple of holes in opposite corners, enough to for through the jigsaw blade – a special metal cutting one.

Transfering the lines to the outside of the van, I added tape around the hole to highlight the edge, and protect the paintwork from the metal plate of the jigsaw – doubly protected by adding tape to the jigsaw’s plate too.

Hole cut, the roof ridges need to be filled with some PVC, to give a flat surface for the window to seal to.

The window consists of an outer and inner part, which screw into each other, clamping itself to the ceiling.

I had to create a frame for the window to clamp against, attached to the wooden ribs I had bolted in at the start!

With a good thick ridge of sikaflex, we dropped the window in, screwed the inner and outer together and finished with a good bead out the outer casing and van roof, finished with silicone finishing tool – none of that using your finger nonsense!

No leaks yet!

Music by Julian Avila, Late Night

By J.Molkenthin

James Molkenthin is an enthusiastic and energetic British Designer, with a background in Graphics, Website and Product Design.

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