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So the standard deck of Kanji stands around the 2000 mark. Using the Remember the Kanji technique, I”ll learn on average 25 new kanji each day until I Remember the Kanji come Monday 7th September!

Kanji is the great barrier of entry for the willing Japanese student, making both reading and writing anywhere near native level an absolute nightmare.

Notice how I didn’t say speaking or listening? So the limits of this project is that I shan’t be learning the various pronunciations of the kanji, only a single meaning that is most frequently associated with this kanji, and to be able to draw it from memory.

In doing this, I will have a great groundwork for later learning the pronunciation and wider meanings, but will be able to get a much better idea of what the fuck is going on when reading! And bring my writing up to speed later on. In essence, I’m working to become like a Chinese learner of Japanese, in that I’ll have a meaning, and be able to draw the character, but will still need to learn to ‘Japanesify’ it.

I”ll be keeping a short log of progress here, and highlighting my favouriate Kanji each day on my instragram feed at here!

Day 80 – So having been away in Taiwan and Hong Kong, my Kanji Anki deck has hit over 500 reviews, I’m still only on 700 kanji, with 30 days left in the project – time to throw in the towel! I still plan on hitting about 1000 kanji by the 7th September, before concertrating my efforts back to WaniKani and speaking Japanese. I feel as if my everyday Japanese communication and suffered from the project and look forward to getting back to communication level, but it has been enjoyable to transalte chinese characters on station maps in Taiwan and Hong Kong! 2015/8/17

Day 48 – 680?

Day 41- 637/29% Up to needing to study 27 words a day to finish on target, 393 behind schedule… It’s getting close to the tipping point, and seems unlikely I’ll fit study for all 2200 into a hundred days… Still, let’s see how many we can do! 2015/7/08

Day 34 – 586 What an atrocious weekend – incredibly fun, but did nothing for my Kanji, and left me with a ton of reviews!!! 264 off the initial schedule, and need to average 25 each day to complete the project in its entirity… so doable, but with 2 weeks of holidays coming up, I need more discipline! 2015/7/01

Day 28 – 530 Whoop! 500 mark smashed! Plus I added an extra 11 to make up for some lost time.

So time for a big review to check my recall. Hoping for at least 70% when I do, but it’s going to be slow work drawing out each Kanji! Shame my busiest work days are Thursday & Friday. Though I have found this project is coming at the expense of my speaking since I’ve less time to review vocab, grammar and practice, but I hope it’ll be worth it in the long run! 2015/6/25

Day 27 – 491 Back on track! New Kanji learnt! Almost at the 500 hurdle! 2015/6/24

Day 26 – 463 Another 200 reviews, combined with compiling exams and prepping for my Japanese class so no new progress, but I got the reviews in. 2015/6/23

Day 25 – 463 As always, the weekend took its toll and I missed a day, making me a short of my 550 (25%) target for the day, but at least I got one full review done on Saturday! Then I got my reviews done, but learnt no new Kanji – 200 reviews got to me! 2015/6/22

Day 22- 435 Desperately trying to get to 550 for day 25! Haha, so going to have to work hard over the weekend to maintain it and get there! Looking forward to being able to cross off my first 500 😀 2015/6/19

Day 21 – 400/18% I’m a little confused as to how I’m only on 400! So Day 20 should have seen me hit the 440 mark in order to remain on target. So I’ve pushed my daily learning up to 30 a day, and have begun revising as soon as I wake up in the morning – hopefully that will get me back on track, and then I’ll sit a test to check my knowledge of the first 500! 2015/6/18

Day 18 – 350 :S Another difficult weekend to fit in Kanji learning. Though I spent a couple hours on Saturday studying, working through the due cards took up a lot of time, and learning the new ones sat in the back of the car took so long as I wan’t able to concentrate! 2015/6/15

Day 15 – 300. Finished Remember the Kanji 1 – Part One! In the 6th Edition that puts me on 300 Kanji. From here on in I’m using the 4th Edition Book, but a 6th Edition Anki deck. I’ll use the book to subblement the Kanji. This puts me into the number of Kanji a 4th Year elementary schooler is learning, however they learn it in a different order. Maybe I’ll do a blog about the differences of learning as an adult vs. child soon. 2015/06/12

Day 14275! Anki has caught up with me, and together we’ve busted the next 25 cards. I’m going to give it a few days for the number of reviews to drop off, then start hitting 28 cards at a time, for 10 days to make up for some the last few days (Luckily I’ve already factored in some time loss!). 2015/6/11

Today’s favourite, 告 – revelation; “The cow’s mouth dropped to the floor when he found out what was in the hamburger he was eating”.

Day 13 – 11%! Still working on planting the first 250 kanji. Using an Anki deck now, but I’ve had to spend time pulling it up to the 250 I’ve studied so far. New cards tomorrow I think! (Now 75 behind…) 2015/6/10

Day 12 – In a car park last night and spotted this, in which I recognise all the kanji, and can draw an approximation of “Extinguish fire utensils”, which pleased me greatly after a difficult Japanese class! 2015/6/09

Day 11249 Kanji reached! Though the weekend has slowed down progress. Time to spend a day taking stock and ensuring everything is cemented in place! 2015/6/08

Day 8 – Not a bad effort, need to pull my socks up a bit! 2015/6/511419778_10152838183495667_793378746_n

Day 6150 down, though some issues remembering some! Enjoyed 器 with the image of a St Bernard being tied down to the table and 4 hungry mouths waiting on utensils to begin eating him. 2015/6/03

Day 51252015/6/02

Day 4 – Slacking day – went to the beach in Saiki with Savvysan and ate curry. Fitted in some revision though! 2015/6/01

Day 3100 – Especially enjoyed 召 – seduce – to hold a knife to a lover’s mouth! 2015/5/31

Day 2 – Studied on the way to a volleyball game – up to 75, including 負 – defeat. 2015/5/30

Day 1 – Took on the first 54 kanji (since these included many I’ve previously learnt!). 2015/5/29

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