Uganda: Last Days of School (Days 186 – 190)

Monday 12th July – Day 186

P6 hadn’t learn the poem so I gave them a verse each to learn instead.

Then in the afternoon Paul and I rented a boda boda for 5000/= for an hour and I learnt to ride a motorbike on Lugazi homeland field.

Initially Paul sat on the back with me, but after skidding over a few times trying to turn (it had rained the previous 6 hours) he stopped and let me ride alone.

After flooding the engine and having to have a boda man blow into the tank for 5 minutes, I got the hang of starting the bike! Then I had to perfect turning in a circle, which I did, but not before crashing into a bush in front of the entirety of Lugazi Homeland Secondary School!

In the evening I chilled at Joseph’s, rated the Mbale schools and watch the PT DVD – it’s good! Making me want to do another gap year!

Tuesday 13th July – Day 187

Preparations for Tammy’s visit were in full swing!

I had the kids practice their poem, the whole school singing and I even moved EVERYTHING in the hose and swept – it was truly disgusting! Cockroaches and mouse poo filled one neglected corner of the room.

The pirates had new DVDs and when I returned from Lugazi, Tammy was here! I met her at Joseph’s house – she was very American, but nice otherwise!

Tammy had made us (really really really) good cookies! And we ate chocolate and things!

We watched the Sound of Music on DVD at Joseph’s and then were treated to rice and meat.

Wednesday 14th July – Day 188

And so the moment had come.

Teacher Annet surprised me with news the choir wanted to perform for Tammy (there’s a choir?) so I quickly rearranged the schedule!

First the choir sang to welcome songs, then the school sang our ‘Hello Visitors’ song, then ‘Welcome our Visitors’, P6 had there own introduction song, performed their verses of the poem, at which point teacher Annet decided to have P1 perform their set of Poems, “Thank you cow you give us milk, thank you cow you give us meat” with appropriate actions and then ‘Shake the Mango Tree’ where it looked like the kids were trying shake the living heck out of each other.

This was followed by speeches and finally the Coca-Cola world cup song with Ben on guitar.

Then we had a big school photo.

In Lugazi, next year’s Lugazi vol, Molly messaged me, asking various questions – got to be careful not to scare her off!

Then Commy Report, followed by our last evening as a 3 around Paul and Joseph’s house. We watched America’s got Talent.

Thursday 15th July – Day 189

After lessons and writing a few more letters to students we headed to Lugazi for Boz’s last meal at 5 Angels – Esther didn’t cry, she’s so brave!

Tonight we were cooking our traditional rice dish for Tammy, but premeal enjoyed the best Hungarian Salami and cheese of my life!!!

After what turned out to be a late dinner, Ben played guitar – I got a little emotional!

About 11pm we headed down to Paul’s to give Paul and Joseph their thank you cards.

They were so grateful, raising them above their heads like the opeing scene of Lion King!

Friday 16th July – day 190 (30 days to go…)

Party Day!

We took balloons and soda over for the kids and they had a party morning, mostly spent posing for photos!

Just before we left, the choir sang their leaving songs – the boys nearly cried! As did Tr Annet – turns out she likes us!

In KLA, at Oasis I got metal detected and my bag searched! I printed photos and got a photo CD printed for Joseph.

At Backpackers, chilled with Ben and Frankie as they jammed and got chatting to Cliare, 23yo Med student, whom joined us for partying at Bubbles that night – they had sniffer dogs and security guards, unfortunately Iguana was closed though.

By J.Molkenthin

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