Uganda: Heather’s Village (Days 170 – 185)

Saturday 26th June – Day 170 (50 days to go)

We tried to leave early (ish) but were blighted by Mary wanting to make chipats for us (they were good though)

The coach back was ruinously sweaty, but we made it back. Lunched in Lugazi and found out I have a chance to apply for a 1000GBP scholarship : D

Back at the house nothing was stolen (a pleasant change…) and I was back only 15 minutes, packing for the weekend.

Met up with from US Peace Corps and passed the evening eating Ethiopean (didn’t like the sour bread) watching the USA vs. Ghana game (Americans can get moody you know!)

Then we hit a club with charged 5000/= entry, with lights, smoke machines and dancers – only for the power to blow! But they eventually got some music going and all was well again!

Sunday 27th June – Day 171

I was up nice and early, exploring Kampala in the erie quiet, emptiness, walking all the way across town to CafeJava and managed to kill time before going to Heather’s by skyping home and buy sandwiches!

The taxi to Heather’s took 2 hours, getting off a few metres from the equator and waiting for her in Aids Café – no you can’t catch anything by eating there!

She wasn’t kiddin when she said it was ducty – it looked like those dirt raods you see in films running though the American or Australian outback, with the cars kicking up dirt clouds visible miles before they reach you!

Her house is two decent sized rooms, both yellow, with enough space (just) for 3 bes in the back and lots of room in the living space.A small verranda outside, thoug you have to put up with the passing cars (and neighbouring kids :P)

Monday 28th June – Day 172

It was lie-in morning, but it was running heavy too so we never went to school, it still rainging when her lessons should have been on.

A new discovery – Milk tea! Just milk powder, sugar and water!

The Rolexes in her village are actually mint though (just don’t tell her that!)

Tuesday 29th June – Day 173

Again it rained and we missed class (remember the kids don’t sow if it’s raining)

But she had afternoon lessons, so we got to school for that, with me taking her S! English class for a letter writing English lesson.

Watching Heather teach was weird, she wasn’t as strict as I had imagine, taking a very relaxed attitude.

After we caught a boda boda from her little village (it has no electricity) to Lake Victoria and took a swim , it was filthy!

Wednesday 30th June – Day 174

Heather’s day off, so we had a lie-in.

Lunch was friend cabbage in paprika – I pretended it was good, just not convincingly.

I stayed all day in the hope of playing football with the students – didn’t here them go past, went any way, to find another school chilling there, so home I headed!

After dining at Spur I got back home after 10pm

We also suspected Sophie had malaria again – her and Ben were at the hospital having checks.

Thursday 1st July – Day 175

Quote of the year at the LLP, by Outa Hanningthine;

“Master, you are like the King, if you are not here, the others, they do not show”

Then I taught them converting different bases into base 10 – my way of saying thanks!

That day I interviewed more students, washed my pants and socks and removed a hairy moth from my shoes!

Back form Lugazi, I bought a pineapple and cut it and shared with the kids around the house, securing my place in heaven!

That night Boz went to get food at about 7.15pm. He returned at 10.30pm having swung by Sarah’s, thankfully without the food.

Friday 2nd July – Day 176

Brain wave – now storing my Heinz Ketchup at 5 Angels in Esther’s Fridge!

Then Kampala!

Holland vs. Brasil – Holland won.

Fantasic as it was Oscar’s last night out! Only, he got drunk too early and passed out about 30 minutes after we agreed to meet him at Iguana….

By the end of the evening it was just Heather, Sarah and I and we managed to get all 3 of us on one boda back to Backpackers.

Saturday 3rd July – Day 177

Off Owino-ing with Caitlin, Vic, Emma and Heather, followed by Chinese (sweet and sour pork turned out to be pork in sweet tomato sauce…)

Fabric hunting in this huge fabric and sweing district near Old Taxi park – it took forver! But I eventually settled on some funky black, white and pink fabric and some with giraffes on, to be turned into harem pants by Emma’s seamstress Ssenga.

Heather and I headed back to my project expecting Emma and Vic to turn up later after more fabric hunting!

They never did turn up, but Boz did later that night! Lucky we had a spare bed thanks to Ben’s absence (I think he had tonsillitis).

Sunday 4th July – Day 178

A simple day at project, starting with Bashir coming round and selling mandaz, then finding 5 Angels shut, we investigated other potential restaurants – nothing compared to 5 Angels!

Tea was super noodles – so very good and English and dinner was a rolex affair, eaten on Mauren’s bench outside her shop.

Monday 5th July – 179

Almost laid in past the start of school!

Got Heather to teach a P4 revision class, playing ‘Doctor, doctor!’ where the kids diagnose the disease from the symptoms, whilst I took P6.

After a Lugazi lunch I worked on my Community Report, planning out pages, working on the front cover and drawing the school’s badge.

Played football with boarders in the evening – good fun though a little sweaty! And Ben was back when Heather and I returned to the house.

Dinner was an African affair, followed by a visit to Paul’s and a quick exit when rats appeared from under his cupboard and he got the big trap out.

Tuesday 6th July – 180 (40 days to go…)

Normal school duties, followed by taking Heather to KLA to the surgery to get a wound cleaned out – bumping into Vic and Emma at the Surgery as she was having headaches.

Nandos lunch at like 3pm and we got back to proj about 7pm. Met up with Paul who took us to a seamstress to have African shirts made in the fabric Ben had bought us that day.

Wednesday 7th July – 181

Ben and Sophie headed off to the Rwenzori Mountains today!

Going into Lugazi for lunch it rained like a biatch! It was like being shot by paintballs in the eye and temples!

The day passed without further incident.

Thursday 8th July – 182

Today I met ‘The Pirates‘ merchants of fine DVD pirate copies and audio CDs, or their real names Charles and Jackson. I spent a good couple of hours with them, hand picking the best tracks and albums for a long over due Ipod update.

Back at Paul’s, Heather and I watched one DVD, Dr Drekyll and Mr Hyde – it was alright.

Friday 9th July – 183

Lessons as per, but I gave P6 the poem, ‘Road less Traveled’ by Robert Frost to learn and perform for Ben’s mum Tammy the following week.

Into KLA Heather and I went, stopping at Oasis Nakumatt to make good use of the facilities, then off to Backpackers for Sarah’s farewell night.

Much later that evening I was convinced to go out, hitting the usual spot of Iguana- only Iguana had a new British DJ – she played Bloc Party and Foals – it was fabulous!

The night ended around 4am.

Saturday 10th July – 184

Slept in to 8.30am, showered and played pool.

Today was my big Owino splurge. I bought – 2 pairs of converse, an Anarchy tee, a white Uganda football top, a shirt and an orange tee to show my support for Holland on Sunday.

Back at BP Heather and I watched Underworld on a BPer’s laptop, one of the many 8 film discs I bought that day.

Sunday 11th July – 185

After chilling out at GC during the day, I went back to project on my own.

Invited Paul out to see the World Cup at Norah’s complex – he drove us their on a boda boda!

Holland lost, then the next thing I knew Heather was texting me that bombs had gone off in KLA and that the club was kicking people out and they were going back to BP, but everyone was safe.

I rang home at 1am to inform the folks everyone was fine.

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