Uganda: At the end of it all…

At the end of it all…

So I write this, my final blog in Uganda sitting in Backpackers Kampala.

Had a nice chilled day, visiting James and Isabel for wage, passport collection and goodbyes.

Off to Garden City for a chicken tikka masala lunch, followed by arcade games in Allygators, including The Ocean Hunter, a massive score of 52 on the basket ball game, a poor performance at Crazy Taxi, and finally 30 minutes of beating Heather at racing on Grand Turismo 5 PlaySation!

Present shopping at the National Theatre Craft Market, then a pedicure – red nail varnish naturally!

Picked up some photo albums on Buganda road and back to Backpackers to chill out and eat rolex before flying out tomorrow…

It’s a bit like Christmas – it may not live up to expectation, but you really want it to happen, only it doesn’t seem real because ‘Christmas’ is a days flight away still.

Going home I’m worried about loosing this new sense of freedom, however it is only a few weeks until I’m off to University – another adventure, though if not the road more traveled.

I hope getting back, spending 8 months out in Uganda will seem some what more of an achievement – perhaps because it’s life now we don’t see the challenges in the same way, or perhaps because we’re surrounded by lots of like minded people, it’s hard to see the gap year as much more than something anybody can do.

Going home has its excitement, but tonight is definitely tinged with a lil’ fear and anxiety. Getting back to England will mean the closing of a very distinctive chapter of my life and the continuation of ‘real’ life, an infinitely scarier challenge – adulthood!

By J.Molkenthin

James Molkenthin is an enthusiastic and energetic British Designer, with a background in Graphics, Website and Product Design.