Uganda: Double Birthday (Days 149 – 155)

Saturday 5th June – Day 149

Getting up was a struggle, but the loud drumming from somewhere on the grounds helped!

Back at project we were having a visitor, who was seeing if their nephew could come and work here for a few months.

By the time the boys were up and ready, it was 12.30pm, and we had to be back at 2pm! So in the end Ben and I left without Boz!

As it transpires, it didn’t matter, as when we rang Jospeh at 1.55pm, he informed us the visitor had cancelled! So half way into our homeward journey, we hopped out and turned round, getting caught in an almighty down pour!

Back in Garden City I had lunch, journaled and printed out photographs for last terms ‘Star Performers’ in P4.

A rush back to Backpackers, a quick change and off to Uganda Eurovision, hosted at the American Recreation Association – yes, USA is now in Europe.

The UK entry had Vic, plus 3 of the nuns from SoM perform ‘Son of a Preacher Man’.

They came second, narrowly beaten by the Germans and their, sauce pan cover croched, being hit by ladels attached to the knees routine – very sly of them!

Sunday 6th June – Day 150

Sunday was a long day, impatient day for me.

Having opened an email mid morning from one of Jo’s friends, who split with her boyfriend, she seemed to think that Jo and him were getting awfully close – the reason for their breakup infact – judging by the text messages she’d read.

I spent the rest of the day waiting for a message from, or a chance to speak to Jo on facebook, but by 7pm we had to be heading back to project and I had to wait to the next day.

Monday 7th June – Day 151

School – Nothing out of the ordinary.

Waiting for me in my Facebook was a message from Jo, explaining how it was, that she was growing about from me, closer to him, but wasn’t going to say anything until I got back and had felt strange for the last 3 months (around when I asked her to put a parcel together for me…)

Whilst we sat out for lunch, Ben was spotted by Aunty (our old, control landlady) and invited us all round for a chat…

Extra late we cooked, hoping the rain would cancel our visit to Aunty but alas no! On the plus side though, our half-friend (he’s annoying and only cares about guitar) bought us round avocados for dinner – and it was the best dinner yet! It had 2 chicken oxo cubes in it!

Aty Aunty’s she opened with how fat I was looking, then moaned about how we never visit, just disappeared, Jospeh should pay rent – we arrived at 8.50pm and left 9.15pm

Tuesday 8th June – Day 152

School was nothing exciting, but we were heading to James & Isabel’s that evening, as te next day Georgia and Rosie were flying home – the first official leavers!

We managed to hitch most of the way, past Namboole Stadium. The driver was great, offering t send me photos of Ugandan ladies’ bottoms to consol my new singledom – I forgot to give him my email…Then caught a really cheap boda all the way to Makyndye.

Boz and I were first to arrive.

The evening was spent playing ‘Marker’s up’ (an Aussie Rules practise for catching the ball with competition), watching the last King of Scotland, eating potatoes and sausages and getting to read out PT profiles – it said I was fit, had all my IT stuff down, all my positions at school, like French mentor, pastoral Prefect, but did say I dominated the other boys in the group!

After all that excitement we watched Sister Act and Sister Act 2.

Wednesday 9th June – Day 153

We manage to doss about at James & Isabel’s until 1.30pm, with me finally finishing the Millennium trilogy, The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest.

Lunch was a buttered chicken curry, followed by the film Death a the Funeral. It looked so bad that it’d be funny – it wasn’t.

For dinner, Heather, Ben ad I enjoyed a delicious meal at my favourite restaurant – Spur.

The 3 of us travelled back to project, finding Boz on the veranda as he’d given me his bag and left his keys in their!

Thursday 10th June – Day 154

Heather came to school and watched Ben teach P4 and I teach P6, blasting Will Young into the young ear holes as they did maths equations.

When we got back to Proj, our visitor had arrived – Dean,

We chatted for abit back at project, and began making tea for him (it’s avery labour intense process) but he left before it was ready!

For dinner was experimented with a Thai curry paste, coconut milk, tomatoes and onions – the result was delicious if a little hot, but we still had avocados left!

Friday 11th June – Day 155

Boz some how, God only knows, managed to get up at 6.30am, dress and make his way to go shopping in Kampala with Sarah (a mzungu working in our village).

Ben and I fitted all our classes into the morning, giving us time to get water, do the washing up and print out a cake recipe in Lugazi before pushing to Kampala at lunch time.

The cake recipe was so that we could bake a cake for Shaun and Heather’s birthdays at the Kennys’ house.

I stopped at the supermarket nearest their house and had a hair cut, picked up supplies for the single life and bought the ingredients.

Whilst baking I was chatting with Alice and her American but living in Kenya friend Christina – they tried to help me, but women should not be allowed in the kitchen!

Ben finally showed up as it was going into the oven (he went to post letters) and then when he did help, misread the instructions, using 2 or 3 cups of cocoa instead of 2/3 of a cup to make the icing! Hahaha!

Once it was iced with chocolate, I drizzled a message on the cake in blue icing –



“Heather and Shaun – Happy Birthday”

A nice clear message, until, by the time the Kennys’ had dropped us off halfway, then we’d caught a boda, and then present it to Shaun and Heather, it was just a blue mess! But everyone ate it!

That night we hit Alligators for Kareoke, then Iguanas for a dance, finally ending up in Bubbles, managing to get in without paying the 5000/= enrty!

The night finished around 4am.

By J.Molkenthin

James Molkenthin is an enthusiastic and energetic British Designer, with a background in Graphics, Website and Product Design.