Uganda: No News (Day 156 – 162)

Straddling the equator

Saturday 12th June – Day 156
Abseiling was cancelled, due to the fact everyone was a little hung over and it would takes ages to get there!
So instead we chilled out at Backpackers until lunchtime when we pushed over to Garden City! Unfortunately the film listings didn’t appeal so Heather and I had drinks in Spur until everyone else came out.
Finding ourselves with more time to kill, Shaun, Heather, Spohie, Caitlin, Emma and I sat around in Bubbles.
The plan for the evening was a big group meal at a Mexican restaurant just down the road. It had rabbits and bunnies! We sat out in the garden under the light of a million (a dozen) hurricane lamps.
Back to Bubbles and Oscar manage to blag the 2 of us in for free to wait the England game – another draw!
Feeling like we’d lost to the USA instead of drawing – we went to bed!

Sunday 13th June – Day 157
What a slow day, with the highlight being watching the guys play imaginary tennis in Garden City!
When we got back to Lugazi, Ben and I headed down to Lugazi to watch Australia vs. Germany – poor Ben!

Monday 14th June – Day 158
At lunchtime we pushed to Lukojo, Mukono, to see Shaun and Oscar and watch the Dutch game (Did I mention Oscar is Dutch?) I almost fell asleep!
Later that evening we had a sling-shot contest – I came first with Oscar!
Getting back from their project was near impossible – thankfully someone picked us up from the road, dropping us in Mukono for a taxi.

Tuesday 15th June -Day 159
During break time we tested out our newly acquired football with the students, after which we took P6 for some Aussie Rules practice.
After having asked over a week ago, I managed to print out copies of the Community Report Help sheets from PT and so that afternoon was spent busily planning the structure of our reports.
Later that day we watched the Portugal vs. Ivory Coast game, then in the evening stayed up to watch Brazil vs. N. Korea – a very exciting match!

Wednesday 16th June – Day 160
The school’s finally got a timetable! Gone are the double lessons, instead now every class is a single 40 minute lesson – this means we now have fewer teaching hours, but have had games and PE reintroduced into the timetable.

Thursday 17th June – Day 161
I managed to make a huge start on my Community Report – having interviewed the whole of P6 to write their profiles and wrote about the background of the school, it’s structure, problems and merits.

Friday 18th June – Day 162
Dad’s birthday! But I couldn’t get through to him at all!
At lunch I was hoping to catch the Germany vs. Serbia game – but Sophie and Caitlin, along with Ben arrived in Lugazi before it start, so I travelled back with them and chilled out on the verranda.
By dinner time we were also joined by Sarah and then Shaun turned up!
Whilst dinner was average, the girls bought over Bird’s Instant Custard – it was soooo good! Well done Caitlin!
Whilst Ben went to the England we chatted, and then had to fit all 6 of us in 3 beds – I got Shaun!

By J.Molkenthin

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