Uganda: Triple Bunk – At last! (Days 60 – 63)

Monday 8th March – Day 60

National Women’s Day – A Public Holiday, where it takes the men all day to make dinner.

Having speaking to Joseph about getting the bed delivered, he said he’d sort it later that day and we left him our key. We were then free to head into Kampala to see the other vols.

When we arrived in Boz went to see the girls at Garden City, whilst Ben and I ‘snuck’ into the Annex for showers.

I say ‘snuck’ as we got into the South wing, Ben went into the first shower, and then I had to ask where the other shower was though. We got out problem free.

Sophie and I went to the surgery to collect our wages. I got 75 000/= for 1 and half days work and Sophie got 100 000/= for 2 days. That’s over a half a MONTHS wage!

For lunch I treated myself to a milk shake at New York kitchen along with my dinner! Then the group split, half seeing Alice in Wonderland, the others seeing Invictus.

Instead, Sophie and I spent the time on the internet, and chatting about Ugandan life over ice cream.

We spotted ther bargain of the century in Nakumatt, with a 4700/= bag of cereal reduced to 1000/= – I bought 5 bags!

Then in the evening we had rehearsals and once again I had to read in Baron Elberfield.

I also gave Ben and Sophie a dance class in Cha cha and Waltz, and Sophie taught us Swing and Irish dancing.

We arrived back.

There was no bed.

We DEETed ourselves up and went to bed.

Tuesday 9th March – Day 61

The Triple Bunk Bed

School was dull. My P4 Science class was taken by Tr Reachel who taught maths, and my P6 maths class was taken by the new second P6 maths teacher.

I did however get all my laundry done for Rwanda.

Then Paul came, took Ben and the bed started to appear, in pieces, on the back of a Boda.

An hour later and we have a fully functioning triple bunk bed, albeit made slightly too short so that the ned of the mattress is folded over under the bed slats… I decorated it with pictures of friends and family, and discovered, if I lay diagonally, I can fit in the bed no hassle!

Wednesday 10th March – Day 62

Groundhog Day

Again I taught no lessons, with them being covered the same way as the previous day. In fact this new maths teacher, besides having the same disregard for the timetable as the other teachers, teaches for 4 periods instead of the expected 2!

We went fabric shopping the afternoon for a curtain for the room, picked up blue paint for the bedroom and cream for the lounge and got 2 padlocks for 8 000/- instead of one for 7 000/-.

Thursday 11th March – Day 63

“We’re such bad volunteers” – Martha Young

I managed to win back a single P4 Science class, My double P6 maths class, but lost the final single science.

Then we raced into Kampala – we were staying over in Kampala to coach our Rwanda coach at 9am.

We got to Backpackers and spotted Georgia and Martha leaving on Bodas. Shortly after we arrived, Emily turned up, she’d been to Dr Stockly.

Then Sophie turned up.

As it got dark, Georgia and Martha showed up for the night.

Then Caitlin and Rosie appeared.

We were all spending the night, meaning only 6 volunteers were actually at their projects on this Thursday night.

“We’re such bad volunteers”

We all agreed, and then b****ed about Project Trust – it passed the time!

We stayed up late, partying in the half converted dinning room to club room.

By J.Molkenthin

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