Uganda: School Begins… (Days 26 – 30)

Monday 1st February

The first day of the new term and the school was the same as ever. Rubble and unfinished classrooms.

We sat around for 3hrs, during which time about 10 children appeared. We managed to let get let off home, and Ben & I spent the next 3 hours doing half the laundry from our Kampala trip.

Tuesday 2nd February

Again we woke at 615am to get to school for about 730am.

Again only about 15 kids showed up, and the laborer was bust adding cement skirting boards to the already nice plastered classrooms, ignoring the unplastered one entirely!

We passed the time by drawing posters for the classes, and they were dismissed so that we could finish the laundry!

Wednesday 3rd February

We struggled to school, and had nothing to do for a few hours.

Suddenly the Head asked Ben to improvise a revision class from an old English paper.

Only afterwards did we discover the class consisted of P4,5 & 6 – so that explained a lot of blank faces!

About lunch time we got off, hunted down jack fruit in the tree in the garden and chilled to Ben playing guitar.

Thursday 4th February

We where going to Kampala to go out for Sophie’s b’day with nearly all the other vols!

We took the same mixed class as the previous day, and had music with them, teaching them the words to ‘Blackbird”.

After we did PE in the court yard, playing Captain’s Coming and Duck Duk Goose etc.

Finally we were free and packed for Kampala – on the way hitching a ride from a lovely Singaporian gentleman who dropped us off at Garden City.

We bought some supplies and crashed the room at Annex, where 8 of us would sleep that night!

That evening we went to Aliggattors for Kareoke, where Ben & I sang Hey Ya, we hit Iguana, but it was dead because it was reggae night, and finally finishing at KLF, where we were the only ones dancing to some pretty snazzy tunes.

We got to bed at 415am, and woke at 715am.

Friday 5th February

Most of the day was spent at Backpackers. I spent a little time on the internet at Garden City, tried looking for an England top at the market but failed.

As I say, about 10 of chilled in backpackers, as we were being picked up from there for our weekend of white water rafting and bungee jump.

By J.Molkenthin

James Molkenthin is an enthusiastic and energetic British Designer, with a background in Graphics, Website and Product Design.