Uganda: The Dutch & Scottish (Days 11 – 18)

Sunday 17th January

We discover that Aunty’s 2 grand kids live with her and the house starts to get rather crowded.

Ben & I go into Lugazi for internet, only to find the usual cafe is closed. During the 20 mins of net time I read 10 emails.

Monday 18th January

Project Trust vols Oscar and Dan showed up at our house whilst we were out in Lugazi. We ran out of the internet cafe and caught boda bodas back to the house to greet them and we cooked them dinner.

They stayed until Mable started setting up her bed in the living room.

Tuesday 19th January

We decided to go and visit Oscar at his project as SHAUN WAS OUT ON A TRIP.

We hitch hiked from Kitega all the way to his village, desite it being about 8km off track for the people we hitched with.

Eventually, but chance we found oscars ‘mansion’

We chilled, listening to music and then watched the sun set behind a hill.

For dinner we had rolex (om;ettes in chapattis). For breakfasdt the next day we again had chapattis, only this tiome with icing sugar.

That night was perhaps the worst I’ve had so far. Oscar and I shared a little bed, made worst by the fact that half of it was sloped so that he rolled on top of me. If I moved he woke up, if he moved, I woke up!

Wednesday 20th January

In the morning we visited Oscars school and host who gave us milk tea and bread! And the visited the compound where the lads are moving to, where we recieved swett potato and spaghetti.

We took a taxi to Mukono, and the hitch hiked back to Kitega. I got to sit on the front seat with my arm around a small child, and again they went well out there way to drop us home.

Thursday 21st January

I can now confirm that the lessons I shall be teaching are, P6 Maths, P5 SSt (Social Studies – History & Geography of Uganda) and P4 science.

The school structure is Baby, Top, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6.

Much later in the evening Paul took us around Kitega for a new home, but we had no luck that night.

Just as we were going to bed, Rory decided to move his bed frame – as a result he had to move his mozzy net, during which he broke his bed and thus, at 11pm we had to move his bed out the room – HASSLE!

Friday 22nd January

They day was mostly uneventful, with Paul picking us up in the evening to look for a house. The closest we found was 60 000/= with electricity, but no community feel, or decent toilet or wash space.

Saturday 23rd January

We finally found a room.

Despite it being pretty tiny, we’re having a bunk bed (or perhaps triple bunk bed) made for us.

It’s a new build, with cream walls and a red outside, right next to some decent looking toilets etc.

About 3pm we hitched our way into Kampala, to Garden City, an almost shopping centre, with this interent cafe and cinema!

We met Martha who told us to stay at Backpackers and come out with er and the girls tonight.

We did as we were told, paying thousands of pounds for bodas. Buy this morning I was dopwn to my last 1000 to get to james & isobels, but thankfully i now have my debit card.

We had a great night watching football and I got to get know a few of the vols better.

Ben And I also won a doubles pool match 😀

Sunday 24th January

We woke up to luxurious heated showers, it was so unbelievable, as was using the sit down toilet!

For breakfast I had pancakes!

We began our journeys in the mutatos (taxi vans) to james & isabels and successfully negociated our way back to Garden City.

Our plan for the next few days is to stay in backpackers, go to Entebbe tomorrow to go to the beach and swin in lake victoria, then wednesday meet up with some kampala vols and friday we’re all going out to igwanas for my b’day.

By J.Molkenthin

James Molkenthin is an enthusiastic and energetic British Designer, with a background in Graphics, Website and Product Design.