Uganda: Escape to the Big City

Saturday 23rd January

We’ve made it to Kampala!

This morning we sorted our permanent accommodation, as staying at ‘Aunty’s’ house wan’t working for us, so we found a room this morning, and we’re gettinbg a bunk bed made for it.

The only problem is it means we’re gonna have to pay for all the utensils, matresses etc – hey ho.

Our plan is to spend the next week in Kamapala, enjoying the food etc.

We hope to be able to stay at this orphanage where the owner lets project vols stay for free.

This all mean I desparately need to get to James & Isabel’s for money.

And on the 6th of Feb we’ve booked a bungee jump and white water rafting trip!

School starts on the 1st of february, I shall be teaching Maths, Science and SSt, social studies, like history & geography of Uganda.

Thats all for now!

By J.Molkenthin

James Molkenthin is an enthusiastic and energetic British Designer, with a background in Graphics, Website and Product Design.