Uganda: Bulenga Babes (Days 19 – 23)

Monday 25th Jauary

We awoke in Backpackers hostel Kampala, and after the obligitory 3 hours of pool, we made our ways to the taxi park to go out to Entebbe, to have a swim in Lake Victoria.

We got there, paid 2000/= to enter the botanical gardens, only to discover there a big hole in the fence! For lunch we had sausage and chips with heinz ketchup!

As we walked along the beach, we came to a little cafe, got speaking to the owner, and may have sorted out a secondary project for during a may holidays at an orphanage just outside kampala.

In the eveing we watched the African Cup of Nations and played pool.

Tuesday 26th January

We decided to change hotels and visit the Annex, which is right next to Garden City, the big shopping mall in Kampala.

The took the most thorough details, including where we came from, where we were going and what school we went to.

It being cheapo tuesday we had 2 for 1 pizza at Nandos (I know, very starnge) and almost went to half price cinema.

As we returned home to the hotel we were invited to go watch some African dancing thing, which we did, and even joined in in the end!

Wednesday 27th January

The bed was so comfortable and wide! though our neighbours woke us very early.

That day we headed to Bulenga, originally to stay with Martin, until he told us he was now charging vols who weren’t related to his charity 7000/= and so we went to stay with Vic and Emma.

They’re so lucky! They have 2 rooms the size of ours.

We went to as little cardboard shack and watched the Manu vs Man City game – tiring!

In the evening, Ben slept on the floor, Box slept with Emma, and I slept with Vic. Its the coldest and 3rd worst night yet!

Thursday 28th January

The 5 of us travelled into Kampala to visit the legendary Owimo market, where we’re trying to buy England shirts, only managibng to buy one.

In the afternoon Boz and I went to see New Moon, whilst the other 3 went to Avatar – we clebverly snuck drinks in our pants!

Friday 29th January – Pay day!

After another night and Emma & Vic’s we travelled Kampala and met with the gang during the day.

We settled into Backpackers, hung out til nearly midnight and the went to Iguana – a very popular club to celebrate my b’day.

We partied til 515, got to bed at 615 and I woke up at 815 – but I’m fine!

By J.Molkenthin

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