Gap Year: Reaching 52% and Bag Pack Booked

Finally I’ve scored a bag packing event at a Sainsbury! 4th & 5th of July!

Any volunteers please contact me!

I’ve been trying to arrange one of these for the last month and half so am very happy!

Also, I’m now 52% of the way there, which is a real testament to my friends and family who have all been donating & helping out!

This Friday is my BBQ Gig, which is looking to 25-50 people buying tickets, which can only be a good thing! I’ve had many issues with the band, but I can confirm that Badman & Jahin will be playing acoustically!

An update on the website is that I’ve been able to upload photos from my selection course, and I hope to have photos from the BBQ Gig up by the weekend!

By J.Molkenthin

James Molkenthin is an enthusiastic and energetic British Designer, with a background in Graphics, Website and Product Design.