Gap Year: Tees

So today is the day the t-shirts arrived, and they look pretty funky, so thanks to Project Trust & Ali S!

I spent most of last night putting together a letter for my head master outlining the project & initial ideas on how the school can help/what I’d like to do in school.

The end of term summer party & BBQ dates are coming together, and I’m waiting on input from the band as to whether they can make the date.

More supermarkets have been researched and letters being printed off as a type.

This morning I’ve made a start on putting my leaflet together, which is taking a while, but will be worth it!

I’m also now signed up on twitter & flickr, one to keep whom may be concerned up to date with my efforts, & the other ready for uploading photos from the fundraising events!

Just about to head out to the library to begin looking for chairtable trusts to write to!

Long day ahead it seems! Hehe!